Are you preparing for your next Running Event?

City to Surf?

Blackmores Marathon or Half Marathon?

Glenbrook Trail Marathon? 


Do you think massage therapy can help your race prep?

Our massage therapist Brett has run several marathons himself and here is what he has to say regarding sports massage & how it can help preparing for your next running event  🙂 



Running  and massage make good friends. The repetitive nature of running causes an enormous amount of joint compression and muscle fatigues so it’s no wonder your legs feel tight, sluggish and sore the next day.


How can massage help your race preparation? 

  • Address muscle tightness and delayed onset muscle soreness after big training weekends.
  • Improve range of motion to joints, fascia and muscles lessening the risk of injury.
  • Increase circulation and oxygen delivery to working muscles and help with recovery.
  • Addressing upper body movement, trunk rotation and shoulder tightness that can impede running performance.
  • Massage improves the  effectiveness of the circulatory system. This system is responsible for oxygen transfer, nutrient delivery, and waste removal at the cellular level.

When is the best time to get a massage surrounding a running event?

  • 3-5 days either side of an event is optimal for getting a sports massage.
  • This allows for optimal recovery after the event and after the massage prior to the event

What to expect with a sports massage?

  • Sports massage are individualised for different training regimes and different athletes.
  • Your therapist will take a brief history regarding injuries, niggles, training loads and particular areas of tightness.
  • Time can vary between 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Your therapist uses massage to apply pressure and long strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.





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Written by Brett Dwyer  (Massage Therapist at The Physio Depot)

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