Lower back pain is the pits!

We all know someone that has a ‘bad back’ with constant struggles when it ‘goes out’.

We understand at The Physio Depot how if effects your life and family.

Our Physio’s have treated 100’s of lower back patients back to full function.


5 quick ideas to help your back pain fast!

Keep it moving!
Lower backs don’t like to sit still, keep them walking regularly and avoid lengthy periods of sitting.


Don’t hold your breath!
Breath holding increases muscular spasm and creates unhelpful movement strategies.
Aim for 30 big diaphragmatic (belly breaths) every hour.


Gentle stretches!
Your back will not like aggressive stretches or holding positions for too long. Aim for gentle movements in and out of positions (think flow not hold).


Ice or Heat!
Most of the time with back pain there is a degree of muscular spasm (That horrible cramping feeling when a muscle tightens).This a protective mechanism and is perfectly normal to experience this. We encourage HEAT to help relax this muscle response.


A good nights sleep means a strong pillow game!
Use pillows either between your knees if on your side or under your knees if lying on your back to help reduce the pressure off your back.


If you need help get in touch here  www.thephysiodepot.com.au 

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