Don’t start the day with heel pain!

Plantar fasciitis has a multitude of ever changing names but the condition itself is characterised by tissue irritation in which the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone. The plantar fascia is a band of connective tissue attaching from the inside of the heel bone, along the base of the foot into the toes.

The role of the plantar fascia is to help us propel the body forwards by supporting the bones and joints within the foot. If it becomes irritated the heel can become very tender with prolonged standing and walking.

How to know if you have Plantar fasciitis?

  • Heel pain with the first few steps when waking up in the morning.
  • Heel pain after prolonged periods of sitting.
  • Sharp pain on the inside aspect of the heel.
  • Tenderness to touch the inside of the heel.
  • Pain with extended standing or walking.



What you need to know to get better!



– Plantar fascia conditions take a long duration to completely rehabilitate.
– 6-8 weeks generally to settle acute flare up of heel symptoms.
– Anywhere from 3-9 months for a full recovery.


– Intrinsic foot strength is crucial (These are the little muscles that reside in the foot).
– Plantar fascia and calf complex strengthening.
– Graded loading of foot and ankle complex.
– General HEAVY load and LOW rep training in the gym will help.


– Big toe stretches.
– Ball releases under the arch of the foot (avoiding the sore spot).
– Calf stretching.



– What’s happening beyond the foot is important to assess hip and trunk stability.
– Poor control beyond the foot can lead to excessive loading on the foot



RUNNING: Decrease intensity and speed work can make your symptoms
STANDING: Long periods of standing and walking can exacerbate your symptoms.
PROLONGED INACIVITY: Keep moving little and often throughout the day.


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Written by Georgia King (Physiotherapist at The Physio Depot)

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