Pre Pointe Assessment



It’s the dream for many dancers to dance on pointe!

It takes lots of work and preparation to be ready for the challenge!





What is a Pre Pointe Assessment?

The assessment involves the following:

  • Identify the stage of physical development of the dancer.
  • The quality of trunk, abdominal and pelvic control during specific movements.
  • The quality of lower limb alignment during all important positions.
  • Strength and flexibility testing of the foot and ankle.
  • Assessment of training load, intensity and duration.









Why is a Pre Pointe assessment needed?

The reason for pre pointe assessments is to ensure that the dancer is physically ready to progress her training to pointe. If it is determined the dancer is not ready than a program will be developed to help prepare her for pointe. Injury risks increase in dancers on pointe due to the physical demands of the sport. Young dancers are growing so it’s paramount that they have adequate strength and control to go onto the next stage of their training.


Whats involved?

The assessment takes place inside the clinic by qualified Physio 🙂

  • Detailed history of dance training.
  • Current dance classes and load.
  • Physical assessment of core strength, flexibility and lower limb muscle strength.
  • Calf muscle strength criteria.
  • Assessment of alignment in demi point, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th positions
  • Assessment of hips and pelvic control throughout all positions.
  • Assessment of grande plie, demi pointe, retire en rise, pose forward into retire.

From this detailed assessment a recommendation on the dancers readiness for dancing on pointe will be made along with recommendations for any exercises needed to improve readiness. We guarantee a smooth transition to pointe classes without injury!






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Written by Georgia King


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