Strength Training + Running



Did you know 79% of runners each year have at least one injury?

Runners often ONLY want to run & not do the 1%’s that keep them injury free!

Being injury free = More running 🙂

Strength training is routinely prescribed to help treat running injuries!

So why not put into your training consistently to bullet proof your running!


What we hear everyday from runners about strength work!

  • Isn’t running itself enough strength work for me to do!
  • Strength training will make me too heavy to run!
  • I will get too bulky to run!
  • My legs will get to sore and effect my running!
  • I know I should be doing it but I can’t find time in my training!


Our 5 favourite running strength exercises!

  •  Bulgarian Split Squat
    – Focus on tilting your chest over the front leg in order to utilise the glute muscles.
    – You should feel a quad stretch in the back leg.
    – Focus on a 2-3 second pause at the bottom and drive up.
    – Adding weight into the opposite hand ensures the stance leg glutes work hard.

  1. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
    – Tilt over the stance leg ensuring you do not bend your knee too much.
    – Focus on kicking the back leg out as if pushing over a wall with your heel.
    – Bonus points for doing this one barefoot.


  • Single leg sit to stand
    – No excuses for this one as all you need is a chair.
    – Not a difficult one stand up and sit down on one leg.
  • Loaded calf raises– Find a weight 5-10% of your body weight.
    – Focus on coming up on your tippy toes and down slow.
    – Bonus points for doing both a straight leg and bent knee version.


  • Side plank leg lift
    – Get into a side plank position on either the side of your bottom knee or foot (pictured below).
    – Lift top leg up and down keeping your foot behind the bottom leg.
    – Don’t hold your breath and focus on quality over quantity.


If you need a strengthening plan to complement your training or in the lead up to an event please give us a call on (02) 4751 9127 or book a session online here .


Written by Patrick Lincoln


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