What is tennis elbow? (It’s not just for tennis players)

The condition commonly called tennis elbow has many other names such as lateral epicondylagia, lateral elbow pain , lateral epicondilitis etc.

It describes an issue with the tendons located on the outside of your elbow. The tendons attach the muscles that extend your wrist and fingers to the bone on the outer elbow. You use these muscles when you grip, lift or carry something.

Tendon pain occurs when they are overloaded with repetitive activities and is unable to cope with the workload. This results in changes to the cells and matrix of the tendon and this can cause pain, loss of strength and stiffness in the tendon.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include:

– Dull aching pain on the side of the elbow after activity
– Tends to warm up a little with activity
– Tenderness on the side of the elbow

Pain or loss of strength with activities such as:

– holding a cup
– opening a door handle or
– gripping the bar at the gym


The aim of physiotherapy is to get you back to doing the things you love so your treatment we make sure your treatment is specific to your goals.

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Written by Brianna Downward


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