COVID-19 + Recent changes to keep you safe at The Physio Depot!


As a community everyone is hurting right now and the best way to act help each other is to support small business, buy a take away coffee and reach out to those you know who are struggling!

As a clinic we are still operating to serve our community with our amazing customer service in the SAFEST way possible!

  •  Extreme hygiene measures
    – Washing hands pre and post every patient
    – We wipe down beds after every treatment
    – Wiping of reception area, chairs and doors regularly 

    – Wiping down gym area and equipment 
  • Social distancing in waiting room 
  • We are a low volume clinic with max 4-6 people here at any one time
  • If you have travelled in the last 14 days – reschedule your appointment 
  • If you are sick, feeling unwell or have a fever – reschedule your appointment 
  • Try to just bring yourself to the appointment rather than the whole family so we can keep an eye on social distancing  


Introducing Telehealth at The Physio Depot 

Online appointments are more relevant to our business more than ever as more people self isolate and restrictions tighten up. It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious, scared and uneasy in these times. With this in mind we are hoping to provide our same friendly physio advice, education, treatment plans and exercise recommendations via online appointments!

We all love hands-on therapy but in fact it is always our goal to quickly transition our patients toward self management so that they can become empowered and in control of their physical health.


Why choose Online Consultations?

  • Anytime and anywhere – All you need is your phone or internet connection.
  • Professional education, advice and management.
  • Personalised management plans delivered with individual goals for your recovery.
  • We send you documents, pictures and videos regarding your rehab exercises.

Is Online Physiotherapy for me?

Online physiotherapy is perfect for you if you fit the following criteria:

  • You have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with a video camera
  • You have a valid email address
  • You require ongoing education, advice and exercise progression but can’t make it to our physical location
  • You are unable to make it to a physical consult due to a busy lifestyle but still need some things you can do to make progress on your physical wellbeing
  • You would like guidance on your exercise technique and self treatment program
  • You want to know what your problem is and whether it is important to have it assessed in further detail at our physical location
Do I need to be good with computers to use this service?

Not at all! Our video consultations are hosted by Coviu which is incredibly user friendly. All you do is click a link sent to your email and then your done 🙂

Can I claim Online Physiotherapy sessions under my private health fund?

Please check with your specific provider – It’s a mixed approach from health care providers. Given the current climate watch this space as it will change quickly!

What about Medicare EPC and NDIS coverage?

Currently Medicare does not cover physiotherapy under it’s telehealth scheme but this is currently being pursued closely by the Australian Physiotherapy Association in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you have any questions shoot us a message or book an appointment online!

Any questions about an  injury shoot us a message, give us a call on (02) 4751 9127

or book a session online here.

Written by Patrick Lincoln


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